10 Questions that can change your life today

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There is a good chance that you have been thinking about independent entrepreneurship for months or years. Yet you can't seem to get rid of your ass and you just get stuck in that nice, safe, trusted place full of certainties. Just like so many people you occasionally just have a little push. Although that lovely guy of mine motivated me every day to go for it, my buttocks also seemed to be glued to the office chair in the office. Starting as a freelancer or self-employed person is simply not something you do in a wild inspiration.

Until I came across a great question. "Would your 9-year-old be proud of you?" A question that caused everything (I wanted to become a dolphin trainer, ladies and gentlemen; and best friends with an orca and whale). A question where the answer in the field of work was disappointingly 'no'.

And let that be the little push I needed to finally make the leap and start my career as an independent entrepreneur. Do you just need an extra push in the back, or just a big move? Then take a moment to give an honest answer to these questions. Maybe that mirror in front of you gives you just what you need!

1. How much time do you spend doing what makes you happy?

And I am not only talking about your work but also about everything around it; social contacts, hobby, a drink on the terrace and so on. How much time do you spend on things that make you happy, energize you?

2. Would your 9-year-old self be proud of you?

To be honest, my 9-year-old self would be deeply sad that I am not a best friend with a whale and orca and do not work in a zoo. My 9-year-old would look up to me with pride if she met me on the street or started a conversation with me. That (now) 29-year-old variant of myself has conquered all battles, made big, scary steps and struggles every day to make that 9-year-old girl happy. Would your 9-year-old self be proud of you?

3. What would your life be like if you continued to practice this job for the rest of your life?

If you stay comfortably in your comfort zone and decide to stay where you are, what will your life look like in five or ten years? Are you happy with everything you do during the day, or is there about 8 to 9 hours a day in which you are less happy? What does your future perspective look like from this moment, and how would you like it to look?

4. When was the last time you left your comfort zone?

Guys boys, that comfort zone is SO FALLY FINE. Sit comfortably where you are, plenty of certainty and little to no risk. That negative voice in your head also convinces you with love and pleasure; change is simply something we humans do not like. And yet that comfort zone is the most dangerous thing there is; and get out one of the best actions you can take. You only live once.

5. Do you use all your strengths and talents?

Do you live your full potential, or are you in an office Monday through Friday when you have always wanted to write a book? Nothing so depressing and frustrating as untapped forces and talents. The challenge is to create a life where you can use all these powers and talents and make your dreams come true.

6. What would you do differently if you still had 6 months to live?

You must have thought about it; if not, watch the movie The Bucket List again. When you only have 6 months left to live, you suddenly view life from a different perspective. Would you still surround yourself with the same people? Do the same job, lead the same life?

7. What are you so terribly afraid of?

We are too often guided by fear. The fear of the insecure, the fear of the unknown, fear of failure ... But what we often forget is that fear is between our ears; that we determine ourselves where and when we feel fear. So listen to that little voice in your head. What are you so terribly afraid of and what can you do to make this fear less intense?

8. Which dreams have not yet become reality, and why not?

I've always wanted to write a book. Not only that; I also wanted to be the youngest top-selling author in the world. Why this dream has not yet become reality? I set the bar so high that I still shun it. Goals (and therefore dreams) can be wild and ambitious; but the feasibility also plays a major role. Which dreams have not yet become reality for you, and why not? What stops you?

9. What would you do if everything were possible?

We find it hard to believe, but everything is possible. Almost all of your dreams can come true, as long as we believe in them. More money in your bank account? Done. The job of your dreams? Done. Finally write that book? Done. What would you do if everything were possible (and the next step could be: what are you going to do to make this a reality)?

10. What would you regret most if you were no longer there tomorrow?

Imagine: you cross the street tomorrow, you are hit by a bus and you are cashier. Not a nice prospect, but life is short and we just don't know how long we have in this world. What would you regret most if you were no longer there tomorrow and what can you do to achieve this?

Have you also come across a question that caused just as much as it ever did to me? Leave a comment: I think it's super cool!