5 Things nobody tells you about being self-employed

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Good preparation is half the battle, and in addition, good preparation can also raise many doubts.

But of course you cannot prepare yourself for everything; as an entrepreneur you occasionally have to face unexpected situations. And although it often (and especially on social media) all seems rose and moonshine, this does not paint a true picture of entrepreneurship. So I like to take you along in the unexpected situations that suddenly came to my mind - hopefully they will give you that bit of extra confidence that you need to take the step!

1. The tax

Let me start with the biggest shocker: the tax. Although you know of course that you only pay your tax at the end of the year (and this should put something aside every month), the quantity often comes as a surprise. I was so enthusiastic about the higher numbers in my bank account that I 'forgot' to set aside something for the monthly tax. I prefer to go to Paris for a weekend or to the IKEA. Result? So around March the friendly request if I could transfer a few thousand euros in October. Oops!

The tax that you do not pay now (wonderful that extra income) must be paid at the end of your tax year. So certainly put something aside every month to cover these suddenly high costs.

2. The lack of colleagues

Freedom of happiness; I thought it would be great to be able to work and do whatever I wanted in my uppie all day long. But the lack of colleagues does not only mean a lack of social contacts. It also means that you have to resolve the doubts and deep troughs yourself (which you normally discuss directly with a colleague in the workplace). For some, enormous progress, but for others a challenge: you must of course get below the people.

Co-working opportunities and locations are a great way to occasionally (when you want to) work with colleagues around you.

3. Your world is becoming a lot smaller

Although my home office (as part of the kitchen) is a very nice place, I spend most of my time (read: almost all my time) within the walls of my home. A nice home, but the lack of social contacts makes your world small. I thought that I would enjoy it immensely, and I certainly certainly do, but those social contacts - that's a loss anyway. Even that one annoying colleague is welcome at some point.

Go out regularly and be open to new contacts. Your famous contacts are just at work when you take a nice walk. Try to leave your home / office at least once a day to do something 'fun'; if possible social (a conversation and walk with your dog is not included).

4. You discover new sides of yourself.

You step out of the role of employee and are suddenly transformed into a manager. You are no longer just a hub in a large system: you are the system. All your ideas can be implemented immediately (although of course you have to do this yourself), choices can be made immediately and you have all the freedom to be as creative as you want. In my time as a self-employed person, I have set up more fun projects (whether they are successful or not) than in my entire life as a

company employee. And that's really true DELICIOUS!

This also means that you can choose to lie on the couch all day and watch series. So make sure that you as a manager motivate yourself every day to go for it again.

5. Your life becomes more uncertain

Nobody likes uncertainty; and you really dive into a world of uncertainty when you start working as a self-employed person. Financial uncertainty, but also the general uncertainty about your future and the choices you make. Do I make the right choice here, will my customers still find my product or service interesting in the future and what if it doesn't work out that well? I personally felt that uncertainty only during the first months.

My entrepreneurship is now in the theme of positive manifestation: as long as I believe in it and work hard for it, it will always work out fine. Fortunately, you can prevent this uncertain feeling by removing these kinds of doubts immediately.