8 Things to think about when you want to become self-employed

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Entrepreneurship is very exciting and when you take a good approach it can also be incredibly praising. But what makes you suitable as an entrepreneur?

When I just had the idea to start working as a freelancer, I was left with a lot of doubts. Perhaps the biggest doubt was in my own abilities. Was I unique enough to conquer a place in the market? Did I have the necessary skills to work independently and what if it was really disappointing to me?

I finally just went for it. The motto 'leap, and the net will appear' has been available for years as an answer to all my questions. But in addition, I knew very well inside that this was the thing that I could do. I had the right training, had the necessary skills in store and also a unique talent that only I can use in this way. In addition, I already had a number of clients, a small extra income and a job that I could always fall back on. I knew both theoretically and emotionally that my chance of success was great.

But what if you are not so sure about this?

Do you just have to take the plunge?

Ask yourself critical questions

The chance of success lies entirely with you and to be able to make a realistic assessment of the possible success of your entrepreneurship it is extremely important to look in the mirror once in a while. So be sure to take a moment to think carefully about the following things and be critical! It's about your future.

1. Is this your passion?

Is this the thing that makes you happy? What makes you forget to pee, poop and eat because you are so passionate? Does it make your heart beat faster and does the thought of this step give you energy right away? Only true passion has a chance of success.

2. Can you deal with uncertainty?

The life of an independent entrepreneur has a lot of uncertainty and many unanswered questions. You must of course be able to deal with this. Can you still sleep peacefully when you have doubts about your own abilities, do not know how long you can still do this job and do not know whether there is enough money in the bank account at the end of the month?

What if it doesn't go well for a month? Can you still pay the bills?

3. Where is your gap in the market?

The right passion and motivation to work for yourself are extremely important; but a pinch of talent certainly doesn't hurt either. Do you have something unique, special or amazing that sets you apart from everyone else in the market? For example, do you make unique designs, sell specific clothing or use special methods and techniques? Where is your gap in the market and how does it increase your chance of success?

4. What makes you unique?

In addition to your service or product, your personality naturally also plays a major role. As a human being, do you have what it takes to take this step? If not, can you teach yourself the skills you need? What ensures that you, in particular, have the necessary motivation to market this product or service? Is it your passion for animals, your love for the world or perhaps your ambition for a cleaner environment?

5. Can you earn money with this?

Certainly not an unimportant question: can you earn money with this? Exercising your passion or hobby is of course great; but bills have to be paid. Can you make money with this in the short or long term? If not, how can you ensure that you still generate income?

A goal without a plan is no more than a wish.

6. Which customers do you want to appeal to?

Who is your future clientele? Do they need your service or product? If so, how can you best reach them? If not, how do you ensure that you can create this need? Without customers, the continued existence of your company will of course become very difficult.

7. What if you have a less good month?

You resign from your (full-time) job and you go for it. The first few months are going great, but then suddenly a less tasty month is coming. How do you ensure that you can still continue to pay your bills? Financial problems are of course not done, so look for ways to prevent them.

8. Is your idea feasible?

Whether you have a unique idea for a great product design, or have decided to conquer the designers market - always ask yourself whether your idea is feasible. Possibly submit it to others in your area to come to a realistic answer in this way. Even if your idea does not seem feasible at the moment, solutions can be worked on to increase the feasibility.