side hustle: 9 ways to make money from home

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Starting as a freelancer does not necessarily mean that you have to quit that trusted full-time job. In fact: you can start better as a self-employed person when you still have a job! The well-known side hustle is the ideal way to earn more money and to build up a customer base. A bit of a 'piece of work' for adults. But how can you make money at home and which side hustles could work for you?

Although I also studied for years, writing and designing was a side hustle for me in the first place. I had just graduated and couldn't find that great full-time job: so like many others, the side job also became a full-time job for me.

Yet I did not want to accept that all those years of study had been for nothing. In addition, I could really use an extra pocket cent with all those bills. So I just started at home, writing stories behind the laptop and making marketing resources. The only thing I needed was a laptop, Office and Adobe. Where in the beginning I earned a few extra tens (up to sometimes hundreds of euros) per month, I have now been able to make it my full-time job.

Everything is possible. As long as you believe in yourself.

Making money from home: that's how you do it

Now, of course, it was 'nice and easy' for me. I knew what my talent was, I had also studied for it and with my work in the hospitality industry, I only had enough contacts. But what if you have all that less? Even then you can just start as a self-employed person and earn money from home. First look at where your talents lie and what makes you happy. Do dogs make you happy and do you regularly have an afternoon off? Then you could start a dog service, for example. Or will your heart beating faster when redecorating homes? Then a service as an interior designer might be something for you.

9 fun ways to make money from home

Which side hustle suits you is entirely up to you. You can go anywhere in any direction: from starting your own web shop to giving (online) coaching. The only thing you need is the the right mindset, sufficient motivation, ambition, willingness and the right information to tackle this. Making money from home can be easier than you think. As long as you have the right motivation and enough time and passion for free play, anything is possible! Do you want to get some inspiration? Then see if one of the below is for you.

  1. Start a webshop You can quickly translate your passion into a cool side hustle. For example, do you know everything in the field of living and can you always find the nicest living items? Then you can start a webshop for home accessories. Is your passion more about making handmade jewelry? Then these can also be sold in your own webshop. Although creating a webshop may seem incredibly difficult (and especially a big step), it is not that bad. There are plenty of options (think of Wix or Wordpress) that you can use to set up a fully functioning webshop in a few days.

  2. A physical service Do you have some free hours at your disposal during the day? Then delve into possible physical services. A dog walk service, for example, or something in home care. Does the service you want to provide not yet exist? Then you can of course also launch it yourself (possibly in collaboration with large organizations). Think in particular about how you are going to offer your service. For example, put flyers in the mailboxes, create a cool website and don't forget the social media channels.

  3. An online service Are you unable to be physically present at certain locations and times? Then think about an online service. Maybe you can translate your talents into a side hustle such as Virtual Assistant, freelance copywriter, blogger, influencer, social media planner, coach or designer. Take a good look at yourself to discover what things appeal to you. For example, do you notice that in daily life you are the person who advises all your friends and family? Then coaching is probably in your nature and the chance of success is much greater.

  4. Purchasing and selling Something as simple as selling unwanted items on a platform such as Marktplaats can already provide you with a substantial extra income. You can of course do this with your own items, but also for friends, family and in the future maybe even for others. If you have the ambition you could even function as an intermediary for supply and demand.

  5. Renting out rooms Do you have an empty room in your home, or are you often away from home? Then you can rent your own home with AirBnB to holidaymakers. In fact: if you have the ambition you could even offer several rooms and apartments for rent. With some clever thinking (and the necessary investment) you could also expand this into a substantial company. Make it something special of course: your room or home must protrude head and shoulders among the other offers.

  6. Go blogging Although blogging anyway great to improve the SEO of your website or webshop, it can also be a nice way to earn some extra money in addition to your job. There are only enough online organizations that are regularly looking for bloggers and often have no problems paying a (small) amount for this. A nice way to earn some extra money! Of course, make sure that you stay within your passions and hobbies: that makes writing easier and ensures better texts. Do you have a taste for it? Then see if you can use your writing talent in even more ways.

  7. Giving tutoring Are there specific matters that you know a lot about (or may come to know)? Then you can offer your services as a tutor in your free hours. Whether this is giving guitar lessons to beginners or tutoring in the field of a specific subject for kids. When you offer your services at the right locations (think of schools, for example), you will see that the ball can roll fairly quickly.

  8. Write an e-book or e-course Is there a specific topic that you know a lot about? A subject that others would like to know more about? Process all that knowledge in an e-book or e-course. Although you may not be able to put this on the market for hundreds of euros in the first instance, you can make some extra money here if you have some brand awareness.

  9. Babysitting and cleaning And then a very easy, feasible side hustle: babysitting and cleaning. There will probably be enough people in your area who would rather save on childcare and would be more than happy to bring a babysitter into your home: Mom and dad also want an evening for themselves. In addition to parents, there are also plenty of animal owners who would like to provide their animals with some company during the day. Don't you like children and animals? Then you can also offer other services such as cleaning the house, maintaining the garden - and so o

Starting as an independent entrepreneur

Have you found your ideal side hustle? Then it's time to get started. Start by making a business plan (and this does not have to be that extensive), register with the Chamber of Commerce and start recruiting customers!

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