Discovering your talents: this is how you do it

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Whether you have felt the ambition to be self-employed as a full-time entrepreneur for years, or simply want to earn a little more: finding a passion alongside your standard income is a great start. You only start as an independent entrepreneur when you actually start working and take that first step, whether small or not.

I started writing texts and designing marketing messages years ago: just in addition to my full-time job. I had not followed all those marketing, advertising and creative writing courses for nothing of course. It gave me a nice pocket and I could still keep all the certainties of my full-time job. A few years later I focused on writing texts: in some cases, even for free. I just enjoyed doing it; it gave me energy. It took several years (and a job that didn't make me happy at all) until I actually saw a potential source of income in it.

Discovering your talents

I can hear you thinking: 'yes, and that is exactly what I don't have: a passion or specific talent'. Although that thought will probably give you a hopeless shit feeling, it is not at all justified. I may have a talent for writing - but also a talent for coaching, psychology, design, interior design and folding paper hats. If I would put a little more effort into it (and above all show a little more interest in it) I would probably have a talent for cooking.

Everyone has talents

It is not only those specifically talented people who have a talent. Everyone has talents. However, it may be that you have not yet discovered yours or have too little confidence to believe that you too have talents. Just like everyone else, you are also good at something. You just have to discover what it is.

You can't always teach a talent: but you can fuel it.

How do you know what your talents are?

Fortunately, you can find out where your talents lie in your own time. For example, I used to enjoy writing as a child, but I only really got excited about the creative sector when I visited an open day at Fontys. I saw the work that they are doing there and my heart immediately jumped: I was completely warm inside. My intuition immediately signaled to me that this was something that would suit me; or at least something that made me excited. So 'discovering' a talent can be that easy.

  1. What is it easy for you? Take a look at your daily activities and hobbies: what do you easily manage? Are you wonderfully relaxed when dealing with children? Do you naturally seem to want to coach or lead everyone? Are you incredibly creative and are you completely cheerful about developing websites? Talents are often the things we do every day and which are second nature to us: and these talents can be converted into a form of income!

  2. What makes you happy? What makes you really happy? Can't you wait to redecorate your home, are you eager to try out a new recipe or do you write all your love and sorrow away from you? A talent can often only be developed in the right way if it is really something that makes you happy. Like I said, I believe I have a talent for cooking, but I feel absolutely no need to develop it.

  3. Try something new every week By trying something totally new every week you can find out if you happen to have a hidden talent somewhere. Of course you do not know if you have a talent for playing guitar if you have never touched a guitar. If necessary, hold a brainstorming session to list a number of possible activities and try one out every week.

  4. Get some inspiration Go Googling or explore social media for people who inspire you. What exactly inspires or attracts you? What in their lives makes you admire them? Chances are that this is something that you would like to develop.

  5. Listen to your intuition Your intuition is your best counselor. Even when you read through this article you may already recognize that warm feeling in your belly for some pieces. That is the moment that your intuition gives you a signal: this could just be agreed! Can't you hear that voice? Then just look for a nice YouTube tutorial to get yourself into something more tune with your intuition.

How did you discover your talents? Did you come across them by accident, or did you really actively search? Leave your comment! :)

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