Lack of energy? Get back into that go-getter vibe!

Your head is full of ideas and your heart is overflowing with ambition. And although you are full of great plans, you will find yourself back on the couch every time; staring at the latest Netflix TV show. Whatever you tell yourself, you seem to be unable to find the energy to take actual steps. Sound familiar?

A major disadvantage of working independently at home is the fact that you work at home. Home. The place where the bank is also very close. No boss looking at your fingers, nobody pushing you to go that extra mile ... Phew, how difficult it is to keep motivating yourself. So I ended up on the couch with great regularity; again looking for a movie that might still fascinate me. And why? Simply because I had completely lost that 'go-getter energy'.

Whether you work at home or work hard every day at your full-time job and just don't seem to have any energy left at home; the principle remains the same. The energy that you need to take steps and make dreams come true can sometimes be hard to find. And this energy is essential to be able to go for it.

Finding your positive vibes

The energy you feel is partly determined by the vibration (if this sounds really crazy to you, read this article here) where you find yourself. For example, on those days when everything seems to go wrong, you find yourself in a low vibration. On the days when your energy seems to be infinite, you find yourself in a high vibration again. No worries: that high vibration has not just disappeared. You just lost your positive vibes; and here too, fortunately, solutions can be found. Solutions that ensure that you have that high energy mode back in no time!

1. Be grateful

The easiest way (and you can start immediately while reading) is to practice gratitude. Sit down for a few minutes and write down ten things that you are grateful for. Also do this every night before you go to bed: identify all the things that you are grateful for and give some extra gratitude to what made the day totally wonderful. Gratitude gives you the opportunity to shift the focus towards the positive; and that gives you a lot of energy!

Make every cell in your body vibrate with good energy.

2. Eat foods with high energy values

And I'm not talking about the number of calories or other things that you can read on the packaging. I am talking about the energy that is all around us; and therefore also in our food. Raw, unprocessed food contains more energy than the processed plastic-wrapped products. When you eat these types of products you absorb this energy in your body. Result? More energy! For example, broccoli and blueberries have high frequencies (and therefore high energy). In general: the more natural (and more organic) your food, the higher the frequencies and energy value.

3. Drink a lot of water

Water has an enormous influence on our energy. The more positive you drink the water (in this video you can see how), the more positive the influence of the water on your mood will be. In addition, that water helps you to flush out all the toxic substances of the day from your body; substances that have a negative impact on your energy level.

Be the energy you want to attract.

4. Get that body moving

As soon as you fall back on the couch it is done; your body and mind fall silent. Prefer to keep your body moving. As long as your blood continues to actively flow, you create higher vibrations that will only raise your energy level further. Let us also not forget that active exercise (a round of running, for example) ensures that the substance dopamine is released: also known as the happiness hormone. Are you coming home completely exhausted? Then just go for a nice walk, cycle or run a round. You will see that you are full of positive energy again in no time.

5. Random acts of kindness

Not only positive thoughts, but also positive actions give you a good feeling. That good feeling then gives you energy again. Be aware that more often something extra friendly for people in your area. Help the neighbor with her heavy shopping bags, have someone lead the way or have a chat with a lonely stranger. Where negative expressions such as gossip and complain pull you to low vibrations, these positive expressions ensure that you find yourself in a higher vibration!