Your own business in 6 simple steps

Even though finding the right mindset and the necessary financial resources is important, it is sometimes nice to be a little more practical. Having your own business or working independently is of course great; but where do you actually start?

  1. Getting the idea and doubts out of the air It starts simply: with the idea. Maybe you want to get started as a freelance designer or dream of having your own bakery shop. Try to establish your idea as clearly as possible and imagine what your future will look like. How do you feel, what does your environment look like, what does your day schedule look like? The longer you think about your idea, the more doubts there are likely to be. So try to take it out of the air immediately.

  2. The research: business plan When you have a clear idea of ​​your idea and future vision, you start your business plan. This plan gives you answers to questions and insight into the possible success of your company. In addition, this is of course the plan that you show at the Chamber of Commerce to present your company (or at the bank when you apply for a loan). Here you can read everything that needs to be reflected in your business plan.

  3. The research: marketing plan You then proceed to the marketing plan and see which techniques and tactics you can use to achieve your financial objectives. You put your target group under a magnifying glass, calculate a marketing budget and look for suitable means to convey your message.

  4. Setting the foundation Now that the research is over, you probably have a clear picture of the possible future of your company. You know who your competitors are, which trends you might be able to respond to, where you can find your target group and how you can best achieve them. You will work with the basic materials on the basis of this research. Think of your logo, corporate identity and marketing resources (business cards, website, flyers). Extremely important: even the colors you choose have an impact on your possible success! Also take a look at what you need to get your workplace in order, and take out the right insurance policies.

  5. Your registration at the Chamber of Commerce And then the big moment has finally arrived: you are ready to register yourself at the Chamber of Commerce. Read here what you need for this appointment. As soon as your registration at the Chamber of Commerce is completed you will receive your VAT number and you can get started!

  6. Building your customer base You can finally get started; and your work naturally starts with building a customer base. With a bit of luck you have already made a start. If not, the network is blown! Visit network meetings wherever possible and don't forget the social networks: LinkedIn in particular can be incredibly effective in attracting new customers.